Producer: Andre Hamboer 

Farm: Tuang Coffee 

Country: Indonesia

Region: Flores, Manggari

Varietal: Kartika II

Process: Slow Dry Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 1400 masl 

Meet the Team


Born in Singapore and raised in Perth, Fran has been focused on flavour her whole life. She has spent her years in the industry working in various roles from roaster, barista to cafe manager and more recently has found her passion within the green coffee field.

Her most recent achievement is placing in the finals in the 2023 Australian Brewer's Cup.

She is our Marketing Director and Roaster, we are so glad to have her wealth of knowledge and cheerfulness that pours into some of our finest brews!⁠


Jerome hails originally from Vancouver, Canada and has spent the better part of the decade working in some of Melbourne’s best destination cafes, evolving with one smile at a time.

His most recent achievement is coming first runner up for two years in a row in the Canadian Brewers Cup.

He is our Green Bean Buyer and Roaster, and we are so stoked for the high-quality exotic offerings that he has lined up for you!

Criteria Coffee

Nothing would be possible without the amazing team at Criteria Coffee.

Their extensive experience and expert guidance has allowed us to curate the perfect roast profile for each of our coffees for you to enjoy.