SL-28 | Warm Anaerobic Natural

Tastes like: Raspberry Jam, Vanilla & Passionfruit

Alejo started planting this varietal in 2012, having a stable high quality year after year. Although it is inconveniently susceptible to the leaf rust disease, Alejo believes it's super high quality makes it worth the extra effort. He describes this coffee as "fruit punch and candy"! In utilising the Warm Anaerobic fermentation technique, this coffee shines with the expressive notes of sophisticated red berries, vanilla sugar, and bright, juicy passion fruit or simply put a yummy 'fruit Punch'. We know you will enjoy this lot just as much as we do at the roastery!

Typica | Anaerobic Natural

Tastes like: Rockmelon, Mango & Papaya

This particular coffee by Alejo, began in 2015 where he collected Typica seeds from various places around the world and planted them on various parts of the farm. The fruit from one particular plot blew him away, the fruit itself shocked him with flavours of strong ripe mango, melon and papaya. After several years of development he decided the best way to highlight the coffee was to process it anaerobically, making sure that the fruit is in direct contact with the seed during fermentation and drying. 

This processing ensures that the flavours in the fruit will have an impact of the final cup. We can't wait for you to experience these crowd-pleasing flavours that we love!

Geisha Lot 066 | Warm Anaerobic Natural

Tastes like: Guava, Mandarin & Jasmine

In the 1950s this varietal was introduced to Catie Institute in Costa Rica from the Gesha region of Ethiopia. It arrived at Volcán Azul in 2012, and has had great success from 2016 where it was chosen to compete in the World Barista Championships. Since then it has excelled placing in Cup of Excellences and has been used by different baristas for competitions. It is a great example of how Alejo is continuously trying to improve each year.