Nicolás Ocampo Maya | Aerobic Tabi
Nicolás Ocampo Maya | Aerobic Tabi
Nicolás Ocampo Maya | Aerobic Tabi
Nicolás Ocampo Maya | Aerobic Tabi

Nicolás Ocampo Maya | Aerobic Tabi

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Our very first Bredda Coffee was from Nicolás at Finca La Julia and we are super excited to bring you another coffee for you to indulge your senses in. 

At Finca La Julia they believe in the magic their coffees have in showcasing the potential of Colombia’s rural areas for coffee production. This magic has led them to produce some of Valle del Cauca’s finest coffees. Focusing on the sustainability in the coffee farming industry, they have committed themselves to continuous rural development and practices that trickle down to every part of the estate.

This coffee begins with careful picking and sorting ensuring they get the perfectly ripe cherries each time. The Aerobic fermentation then begins by putting the coffee into tanks with water between 16-22 degrees celcius for 90 hours. After this the coffee is drianed, mechanically dried and finally left to dry on beds for up to 25 days. 

All this processing has emphasized the fruit characteristics of this Tabi, we get notes of sweet black prunes, fresh orange acidity with creamy body and pineapple like aftertaste.

Red Plum, Hibiscus and Toffee

Producer: Nicolás Ocampo Maya

Farm: Finca La Julia

Country: Colombia

Region: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca

Varietal: Tabi 

Process: 90hr Aerobic Fermentation

Altitude: 1650-1700 masl

Inverted Aeropress Recipe:

35g coffee: 150g 85°C Water

Coarse 28-30 Clicks Commandante C40

Start timer, add 150g water quickly

Stir with paddle for 5s

Add cap Flip and plunge at 1:05

Finish by ~ 1:35 Dilute with 160g water, or to taste.